A variety of programmes are available to improve your Snatch and Clean & Jerk results aimed at benefitting the competitive weightlifter, sports athlete or as a supplement to functional fitness training.

Online Coaching

  • Individualised Volume, Intensity, Rate of Overload and Frequency
  • Accurate exercise selection to address technical weak points
  • Optimised workout structure and set/rep intensity allocation based on athlete’s size, strength and experience
  • Delivered Every Wednesday via Google Sheets
  • Weekly Check In via Email
  • Suitable for any level
  • Suitable for any training cycle
  • Billed automatically every 4 weeks
  • Minimum commitment of 12 weeks
  • Access to video database

$100 every 4 WEEKS

Personal Coaching

  • Our personal coaching programme is our most involved and personalised level of coaching.
  • Totally customised programming designed for your unique experience, abilities and goals.
  • 60 minute personal coaching session weekly.
  • Weekly checkups with your coach to discuss progress and adjust training.
  • Suitable for any level
  • Billed automatically weekly
  • Minimum commitment of 12 weeks
  • Access to video database

$300 every 4 WEEKS


Struggling with your programming or technique? Josh and his team are here to help. Utilise Josh’s extensive experience in coaching for Powerlifting, Weightlifting, and Sports Performance to help you clarify your issues.



Josh has been an accomplished lifter under Luke Etheridge training out of Gloucester, UK. After racing for 4 years as a motocross rider at Bournemouth University and graduating with a degree in Sports Psychology and Coaching Science, Josh began coaching and competing in Weightlifting. in 2015, after receiving his BWL Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Weightlifting, Josh competed at the British Open in Bristol, UK.

Josh then pursued his UKSCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach qualification. Since relocating to New Zealand, Josh went on to intern with the Taranaki Rugby Football Union in New Plymouth. Josh was then appointed as the Spotswood United Rugby Football Club strength coach.

Currently, Josh is the Strength Coach of Spotswood United Rugby Football Club and Coach for Team Redemption, delivering weightlifting coaching to several National level athletes at the Youth, Junior and Senior levels.

Looking for a consultation with Josh to ask questions about programming and technique? Book Here.

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