You don’t need to be an athlete to achieve amazing results from your personal training. Your programmes are designed to help you achieve your own personal health goals and understand your own unique training requirements.

Our priority is analysing and correcting posture and develop healthier movement patterns in your training. From there, we can move on to high performance exercises, progressive training and nutritional coaching plans. We aim to provide you with lasting improvements on how you look and feel.

At Redemption Strength and Conditioning, we provide you with a complete training package, ranging from health, fitness, nutrition and kind-fulness. We know that knowledge and understanding are the building blocks to success.

We offer various Personal training options and packages to suit a variety of clients. Please contact us for prices and special offers.

“Josh motivates and is very knowledgeable. Since working with Josh I have learned the proper form when performing exercises . I can notice the difference when doing things correctly. The proper form works the muscles most effectively.
Josh is terrific!”

Terry Harper, UK

This is my one of my all time favourite transformations and I like to use it because it reminds me to stay humble in my coaching.

Terry [left] came to me with a goal, a goal to be a fit bitch! Terry made the jump and signed up with me for personal training. 12 weeks later, Terry [right] had been transformed!

I like this transformation because not once did he give up. Even though there was a lot of kicking and screaming, Terry knew he had to put the work in and he committed himself to do it.

Total KGs lost = 32kg

Josh Cooper

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