New Plymouth’s Premier Strength and Conditioning Gym

Based in the Fitzroy area of New Plymouth, we are a Gym and Group Training based facility catering for members of all abilities and experience. With a space of 250sqm holding up to 70 + members and a gym area boasting an extensive range of equipment, we are proud to be one of the areas number one training facilities and gym community.

Redemption memberships include…

  • Discounted training programmes
  • Unlimited use of the gym
  • Open 75+ hours with over 20 group training classes
  • Speciality classes from weightlifting, anaerobic and aerobic conditioning, plus more.
  • Best team of trainers in the area
  • Access to discounted body fat assessment


Redemption Strength and Conditioning provides access to an extremely high level of knowledge and information on powerlifting and weightlifting coaching, personal training, fitness and athlete sport-specific performance.

Coaching available on request

We aim to provide you with a professional, forward-thinking gym environment that supports and encourages athlete development and experience.

Join our unique coaching programme designed to get you fitter, stronger and faster for your sports!

We provide our members with free group training sessions. They are constructed to improve movement quality, increase strength, and lean mass while boosting your metabolism to burn body fat.

Learn the essentials of strength and fitness training in a non-competitive environment.

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Taranaki’s premier strength and conditioning facility and best powerlifting gym in New Plymouth.

Redemption S&C is now open and ran by myself, Josh Cooper. Our gym specialises in powerlifting, weightlifting and sports performance. Our gym is ideal for those in bodybuilding, strength training and sports.

For those wanting to get into powerlifting, we run multiple strength classes throughout the week. Check out our timetable to see when we are running our next Learn to Lift class.

Coaching is provided with experience and results-driven success. A personal trainer provides training, whereas a coach provides coaching. Coaching is available and is recommended for anyone wanting to reach further in their goals.

If you are looking to get into shape but don’t want to spend hours on the treadmill getting no results, then hit up the Redemption Strength and Conditioning Group Classes. You will burn body fat, build strength and get fitter. All abilities are catered for in a fun and non-competitive group environment. Our team and members are super supportive, you will feel right at home..

If you have never heard of strength and conditioning, fear not. Use the FREE TRIAL and come give something that tickles your fancy a go. Everything will be explained fully and demonstrated beforehand.

Redemption has an emphasis on creating an environment that is both supportive and encourages growth.

There is no other gym that offers a supportive service like this in New Plymouth. Every person who has stepped through the door has been impressed.

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