Group Training

Our core message, “open to everyone from beginners to competitive lifters.’

We run group training sessions throughout the week: early mornings, mid-days and evenings. Our equipment is of highest quality.

We welcome everyone including complete beginners, competitive lifters, and masters. You’re never too old to start!

Some people prefer to stick with their own training long-term and never join any group training, and of course you’re welcome to do that instead. Others choose group training interspersed with occasional one-to-ones, and that works well too.

If you already have powerlifting experience:

You probably want to try us out before committing, and we’d like to meet you first too!

A one-off one-to-one session gives us the best chance to assess your technique and give you intensive coaching. You’d be amazed how many problems can be fixed in a single one-hour session. Please contact us by clicking here – START LIFTING – before booking any group training.

If you’re a beginner:

You’ll start with some introductory sessions to learn the basics of the sport – this gives you a really good foundation for your technique.

Click here to get started: START LIFTING

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