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We know that anyone who wants a successful lifestyle needs to exercise with proven, professional and positive training. The Redemption Group Training Programme is committed to timeless training methods which have proven to unleash the goals you can trust us with, while constantly innovating to optimise results.

Rooted in science, our workouts integrate successful results-oriented training programs with expert coaching that awaken and fuel your desire to achieve. We know that you want results from a true training professional that inspires and equips you to live at your highest level. That’s what makes our group training stand out.

Our Group Training Sessions include:

  • Adult Strength: We offer learn to lift sessions for anyone who wants to learn to basics of strength training, building muscle and improving stability. Our strength classes have proven popular with rugby players, basketball athletes and those wanting to get into powerlifting. Follow a progressive training programme which offers periodic testing and the right recovery.
  • Adult Conditioning: In our conditioning sessions, we focus on getting you fitter and faster through appropriate exercise selection and appropriate load management. Constant high intensity only leads to burn-out, so we utilise this with re-load weeks to ensure you’re performing at your highest level. You can expect to get sweaty in this session. 
  • NEW SESSION – Adult Foundation: Starting May 9th 2022, we have a brand new group training session starting! This foundation class will favour those looking to get back to fitness with a low0impact training environment. We know 2022 has been tough, so we set this class up to get you back surfing, mountain biking and walking the ranges in no time.