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Next Level Training


Join a team of athletes from every sport who have transformed their performance working with Redemption Strength and Conditioning.

Redemption Athletes

Here’s exactly what you’ll get.

Most athletes have areas they need to improve, these areas can stem from anywhere; whether it be muscular imbalances, faulty recruitment patterns, strength and muscular deficiencies, or even the lack of confidence in your sport. If you’re looking to take your athletic career to the next level then Redemption Coaching is for you.


100% Personalised Programming

I will personally design your training programme based from your needs and goals. I will break down where you are currently performing and where you need to improve based on your movement efficiency, strength levels, speed, agility, and power.



You’ll receive weekly communication from me in which we will discuss your programme and adjust based on your performance that week. You’ll also receive video feedback on your main exercises to ensure you’re meeting the right standard and intensity in your programme.


Email and WhatsApp Support

You’ll gain access to my personal email and Whats App number where you will have 24/7 access to contact me regarding any questions or issues you have with your program. Any questions regarding your program or any advice I can offer from my experience I will assist you.


Redemption Database Access

Often, you’ll come across an exercise you’re not sure you understand. By becoming part of our Coaching programme, you will have full access to my exercise database. Here you’ll be able to find video demonstrations on how to perform the exercises as well as additional workouts.

Personal and Remote Coaching

If you want to work one to one, here is how it works.

Starting off I will need to get a little data from you based on your goals and sport. We will work diligently together the first session to determine the numbers that will translate to you getting better.

Once we have our beginning test results, I will build a programme based off your goals and start working on your areas of improvement. Depending on how long you wish to stay on board for (I typically recommend 3 months to get serious results), we will move from phase to phase until we reach the end result.

All coaching is provided by Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Level 1 + 2 Coaches.