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Are you looking to rent gym space for personal training? Renting gym space can be a great way for you to make more money. In many cases, gyms take a cut of every client you have, so renting space for personal training can help you avoid losing money. 

Keep reading to find out if our gym rental package is the right choice for you and your fitness business!


You can start immediately.

You’re fresh out of personal training academy and your friends are begging you to train them. Rather than forking out $1000’s on gym equipment, commercial rental fee’s and the daily operations of facility maintenance, you can turn up at our gym and start smashing out weights. 

Our reputation can give your business a professional look.

An alternative location to the park or in your home garage is training your clients from our facility. This can do two great things, (1) give you and your clients access to indoor training and equipment and (2) allows potential clients to see your work and what you have to offer.

Learn from other trainers and coaches.

Renting space in our gym gives you the opportunity to learn  and grow from other trainers and coaches. Surrounding yourself with professionals that are willing to assist in the progression of your career is important to us and with our mentorship programme you’ll be on the path for success.

Save money.

Renting gym space will give you all the equipment you need to get you started with your fitness business. Therefore, it is likely that you will save money on equipment fee’s and start-up costs. Another great benefit towards gym rental with us is it allows you to focus on your business. Many gyms will employ you as a personal trainer and take a huge cut of your profits, where as a flat rate gym rental with us will allow you to take home as much money as possible.

Pay by the week/month. 

For any personal trainer with an active clientele list, finding a gym that rents space by the week/month may be the most cost effective solution. This is a great way to keep the overheads low if you are not busy throughout the month. 


Sometimes, there is an opportunity to exchange your personal training services for renting gym space. 

For example, rather than paying money for renting gym space, you volunteer your time as a trainer and lead a group class at the gym for our members. 

We prefer you to work on your own business. However, this can be a terrific option for personal trainers that are just starting their career and want to keep their expenses low. 


“Learning from the coaches at Redemption has got my body ready for my [basketball] season campaign. Learning how to recover properly, get stronger and be more agile has allowed me to reach my goals in selection for New Zealand.”

– Tai Wynyard (Tall Blacks)